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New York Plane Crash (A Miracle)

New York plane crash

A US airliner on a domestic flight with 155 people aboard has ditched into the Hudson River in New York City but with no loss of life.

All 150 passengers, three flight attendants and two pilots were rescued in freezing weather, with a number later treated for unspecified injuries.

The US Airways Airbus A320 crashed just after taking off from LaGuardia Airport heading for Charlotte, North Carolina.

Officials believe the plane may have collided with a flock of geese.

Rescue boats plucked passengers, who could be seen wearing life jackets, from the wings of the plane.

The BBC’s Greg Wood, in New York, says the aircraft was drifting rapidly down the Hudson as the rescue was carried out.

Our correspondent says there is a mood of overwhelming relief in New York that there was no loss of life.

US Airways gave an emergency number for people who believe they may have had relatives on the flight: 1-800-679-8215.

Gotta give it to the pilot, man, he made a hell of a landing

Jeff Kolodjay
a passenger

Passengers stand on the wing of the ditched airliner

Incredibly, all 155 passengers and crew emerged safely after a passenger jet ditched into the Hudson River off New York.

In this photo taken by a passenger on a ferry, airline passengers exit the ditched aircraft

In this picture taken by a passenger, people huddle on the wing of the aircraft awaiting rescue in icy temperatures

Rescue take a passenger to an ambulance

Shaken passengers reported hearing a loud bang and the smell of smoke and fire just after take-off.

The A320 plane in the Hudson River

The plane’s engines may have been disabled by bird strikes, officials said. The Department of Homeland Security told the BBC there was no indication the incident was security-related.

Plane in Hudson River

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash.

Plane in Hudson River

Its pilot has been praised for his skill in making the crash-landing, which some described as near-miraculous.


Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III  (The heroic pilot)


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