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Scenes from Antarctica 4

Ross Island as viewed from Black Island, about 25 miles away. The glow of lights of McMurdo Station (US) can be seen, and the glow of the sun just below the horizon creates a sunrise which will last for weeks. (Chad Carpenter/National Science Foundation)

Icebergs near the Antarctic Peninsula in September 2002. (Jeffrey Kietzmann/National Science Foundation)

An ice cave near Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctica seen on July 24, 2000. (Zee Evans/National Science Foundation)

Adelie penguins launch themselves out of the frigid water onto the ice on December 31, 2005. (Patrick Rowe/National Science Foundation)

U.S. Antarctic Program participants handle ropes to secure the docking of a ship at Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctica in the darkness of June 8, 2000. Swirling snow is illuminated above by the ship’s lights. (Zee Evans/National Science Foundation)

Soil biologist Dr. Diana Wall, Colorado State University, looks out across the Taylor Valley near Lake Hoare on January 17, 2006. Her group was conducting research on soil biota. (Emily Stone/National Science Foundation)

Brooks de Wetter-Smith’ s photograph of an iceberg titled “Ice Tunnel” (Courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum)

The polar plateau seen on April 20, 2008. The polar plateau is comprised of a flat white snowy landscape as far as the eye can see in every direction. This photo depicts what most of Antarctica looks like – the bedrock of the continent is more than 2 miles below this snow surface. (Keith Vanderlinde/ National Science Foundation)





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